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Here's the Link to Roger's site.  I'll get those pages copied this evening
and email them off to you....Rudy

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do you have the link for rogers chart ?
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>> I'm not too concerned about much in the jetta, as soon as the engine 
>> is out, the body gets scraped. can you separate the engine and tranny 
>> and just pull the engine, or is it easier to yank both at the same 
>> time ?
>> If it's easier to just drop them in together I'll just swap out both, 
>> the tranny is good in the jetta. Then the golf engine gets tore down 
>> and rebuilt if the head isn't too fubared, I think the wife 
>> overheated it. The head gasket was bad, typical leaking oil into the 
>> coolant, but now I'm going through a lot of coolant. It doesn't seem 
>> to be making into the oil, but I do get a nice white cloud when I 
>> start it up in the morning. Could this just be the head gasket 
>> letting go a little more ?
>   It's pretty typical to burn coolant and never see any in the oil 
> with these.  There are only three passages that go to the crankcase.  
> All are on the perimeter and two are in the corners.
> Oil in the coolant comes from one passage and is from the seal in the 
> head gasket, around that passage, letting go.  As the head gasket goes 
> more and more you lose more compression and get more coolant loss.  It 
> generally goes between #2 and
> #3 and the coolant passages are all pretty close to the cylinders.
> You'll probably see about .006 to .008 warpage across your head but 
> 90% of that will be around the very perimeter so it's surfaceable.
>   You can pull the tranny w/o pulling the engine but to do the 
> opposite borders on certifiable!  ;-D
>   Check your tranny ratios on Roger's online chart and see which one 
> gives you the best ratios.  Usually the overall highest will be best.  
> :-)
>      Loren
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