[Vwdiesel] A2 body plastic

S. Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Mon Oct 15 21:35:42 PDT 2007

Some long months ago, I got hit driving the '85 Jetta home.  Messed up 
the driver's rear door some and ate the lip of the adjacent wheel well.  
I've finally got motivated to negotiate with the insurance carrier and 
fix it up.  On a car that old, I'm only going to get ~$800 once my 
deductible is met.  The plan is to fix the door, which can be done 
fairly cheaply, get the quarterpanel perfect up to the point where the 
plastic wheel arch flare (the black plastic trim piece that goes around 
the lip) is and then under the flare, just get it sort of close and POR 
15 it to keep it from rusting.  No one will see under that part so close 
enough is good enough.  There's no clearcoat left on the roof at this 
point, so we're not going for Concours quality. 

Difficulty is finding a new flare trim piece.  Anyone have a source for 
new ones?  At this point, I haven't looked into used parts and I haven't 
even figured out if they can be removed non-destrutively.  From the 
remains of the old one, looks like it's held in with plastic studs that 
protrude from the trim piece.  I don't think that will be an easy 
removal with 22 year old Texas beaten plastic.  And no, I'm not going to 
put in some über-tacky chrome there.  The way driving in Dallas is, I'm 
tempted to try and form some diamond plate to fit, but it's hard to work 
under an English wheel.  I could probably find a used panel and have it 
welded in, but the idea is to save me some money just repairing what I 
have to and sweeping the rest under the trim.  The old girl's pretty 
much retired and is just for backup, local fishing and kayak trips, and 
the messier errands. 

Also, if anyone knows anything about the bits of seal that go under the 
door windows (yes I know about the plastic sheet inside the door), those 
would be helpful too.  Sometimes you need to drive in the rain. 

Thanks as Always,


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