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Bryan Belman dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 18:54:05 PDT 2007

Nice work Nick, I will be saving this for my files and
hopefully not future use.

What fuse was it, not the 30amp bar, but a fuse in the
fuse box itself.  Which one, thanks Bryan

--- mikitka <mikitka at embarqmail.com> wrote:

> Well I was going to make some noise but I figured
> out my problem.  As some
> might know my 91 jetta TD was having GP issues as in
> it wouldn't start but
> then it would start. I was getting only 10vdc to the
> GP fuse and then I
> wasn't getting any voltage to the fuse, I checked
> the relay it was good, got
> another relay same thing. At times the car started
> fine and then it wouldn't
> but the cold start cable would help with the start.
> Then came yesterday it
> wouldn't start at all. Checked the IP and it was
> getting 12vdc. Checked but
> no start. Put the battery on to charge since I wore
> it down, came back 5
> hours later and had my wife turn on the GP while I
> made sure I had a good
> contact with the multi meter leads and again 10vdc.
> So I tried to start it
> and it worked.  Ok problem seemed to be fixed, I
> thought I found a loose
> wire on the IP and so I tightened it up.  Then comes
> this morning, no start
> and late to work.  Came home after work and started
> from scratch. Everything
> looked good but no voltage to the GP fuse.  Figured
> I would just pull the
> fuse and clean up the contacts and the fuse fell
> apart on me. Put in new
> fuse and PRESTO. 12vdc to the fuse. Seems I was
> checking the wrong side of
> the GP fuse, the GP side and not the relay side,
> why? I don't know but feel
> really stupid now. But glad it was something simple.
>  Next time it will be a
> simple fuse removal to make sure it is good and not
> just a visual.  Live and
> learn.  So I saved a ton of questions for everyone. 
> Val has been working
> with me in the past and I had him spun up but as you
> can tell I got it by
> myself.  So while I was under the hood I installed
> the headlight relay setup
> that I got from Roger, now to see what a difference
> it made driving to work
> tomorrow. With the headlight switch issue I have
> been having with the
> parking lights are not always on when the headlights
> are on I figured the
> headlight relay couldn't hurt.
> Nick
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> > Its quiet.....too quiet!
>   Rugrat!
>  It seems to get quiet early every Fall and some
> time 
> in the Spring.  When we all seem to get busy either
> with 
> work or projects before the next big "season."
>     Loren
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