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Tue Oct 23 07:07:51 PDT 2007

On 23 Oct 2007 at 9:10, Rolf Pechukas <rbp at 4u2bu.org> wrote:

> >> Smarter?   Better looking?
> >
> > Worse.  Isn't that Rolf Pechukas?
> >
> > -james
> guilty as charged (dumb and ugly)
> in my defense, this was working great for 6 months
> and it's been done by lots of other dumb ugly guys:
> http://www.hort.purdue.edu/newcrop/ncnu02/v5-029.html
> (of course, it's how ALL engines used to be lubricated - 'Castol' =  
> castor oil)
> they make high-stability high-oleic acid VO these days which is  
> designed for high-heat long-term use w/o polymerization
> that stuff worked great in my engine
> if I hadn't been distracted by more pressing issues (sister in the  
> hospital for 4 months), I don't think I would have forgotten to check  
> levels
> which I think was my main mistake here
> and when I get this thing cleared out, I am going back to running SVO  
> in the sump
> so sue me
> (and I don't think my AAB has pushrods, BTW)

Sorry, my mistake - I misread the post. I'll admit I do find the idea of VO interesting, but I'm 
not brave enough to try it. How does it handle cold temps though?
> Rolf in MA

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