[Vwdiesel] Anybody seen one of these before?

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Wed Oct 24 08:33:53 PDT 2007

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> Try Googling       "3 cylinder diesel" Honda   and you get lots of hits.
> After reading some of them, I got the impression that there was a Honda 
> garden tractor being sold in 1996 with that engine.
> There were lots of hits from companies selling parts for garden tractors.

  I was hoping it was some small car like a Smart or such.  :-(
I've been trying to find a good price on a couple small, 15 ish 
hp diesels to convince Dad's orchard to use to convert a couple 
"Apes."  It gets old seeing my uncle spend DAYS setting a float 
level, setting points or chasing a bad (6" long) spark plug 
  If they were a car app then maybe one of these low-mile 
importers could get them cheap!  :-)

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