[Vwdiesel] getting closer to 1.6td eco bliss

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Mon Oct 29 12:21:42 PDT 2007

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dieselwesty at yahoo.com writes:

> Voltage on large red/white strip wire coming from fuse
> panel to 30amp bar to GP is 10.3 volts, not 12.54
> volts I get elsewhere.

  It's voltage drop, restistance, draw, whatever you want 
to call it.  You have a high load on that wire "draining" pos 
voltage differential to the ground/neg side.  The wire is 
limited in how much current will pass through it so the more 
current, the lower the voltage measured vs the actual voltage 
of the battery.  Disconnect glow plugs and watch the voltage 
go up as you decrease the load.  :-)
  It can be a bad connection or just simply a load decreasing 
the voltage from wire's resistance.

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