[Vwdiesel] Changing from external v. regulator to internal v.regulator alternator

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 3 00:55:53 EDT 2007

Do I assume correctly that that bulb I installed
between the ignition switch and the exciter (blue)
is acting as the bulb in the dash and it'll go out
once the alternator is charging correctly?



--- Sandy Cameron <scameron at storm.ca> wrote:

> Use the rabbit alternator, leave the regulator in,
> hook the output terminal
> (big bolt or 2 big flat plug pins) to battery, then
> a light bulb wired
> between the ignition switch "on" and the "field"
> terminal. (blue wire in
> most volks)
> In the small alternators with the 3 spade plug pins,
> 2 of them are the
> output(red) and one of them is the field in (blue)
> Avoid using the ext regulator, remove it when you
> know the internal
> regulator is working
> The "F" terminal wakes up the regulator when you
> juice it, and after that,
> the idiot light goes out and the internal regulator
> takes over. Sometimes
> takes a quick rev to get it going.
> Might have to use a larger bulb, but a trailer
> clearance lamp bulb should work
> Sandy

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