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> the technology for a "real" electric car has been around for almost the 
> last 2 decades, but there is no real incentive to develop it beyond 
> what's been done, gas is too profitable, imagine if you will what would 
> happen to the likes of exxon and mobile it this actually worked, they 
> would go belly up over night. Yep, alternative energy sounds good, but 
> it aint never gonna happen, not in our life times. I'll keep my little, 
> anemic diesel thank you and smile all day long.

  There's a hitch to that theory and it falls on def ears it seems.  
(or non diesel people!)  In most of this country you go out and 
buy an electric car to "save the planet."  No more gas, you plug 
in, drive, plug in, drive, no more fiill up with nasty ol' petroleum.  
Thing is, most of the body is made of plastic (petroleum) it's made 
in facilities that use petroleum to make their power, run the 
equipment that makes it, delivers it, digs up the raw material, 
transports it and so on.  Now the clincher...  That electricity 
that you charge your new "planet friendly" car up with every 
night is most likely made from a petroleum (or coal.. fossil fuel) 
burning power plant!  You don't save ANY fossil fuel!  You simply 
move the location where it's burned!!  Hydro or nuclear change 
that but we all know how "terrible" those are!  ;-)

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