[Vwdiesel] Brown gassssssss

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Fri Sep 14 09:24:01 EDT 2007

Without getting too deeply in to other things brown.........

My brown "gas" is used canola oil from a french fry stand.

Yes, it's brown, but it's OIL.

And it makes sense to me.

At 50%veggie, I'm covering my carbon footprint, and maybe a little bit of
some hummer drivers too

(Rationalizing that the canola plant absorbs the 50%dino C02 just to make
its leaves green)

It's incredible the lengths the global warming ostriches will go to to
justify their high tech "solutions"  (mostly who can make the most money
from it) while we more intelligent and better looking dieseldrivers have to
fly below the radar just to do our bit for humanity.

(Bought another A2TD last week for inventory, 89. Now have a lifetime supply
of A2's)


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