[Vwdiesel] negative aspects of burning water

paul lew biovolks at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 14 12:52:29 PDT 2007

Yes I did miss the point that the water vapor is still there, but isn't it dead or defective water after that,
  missing one of it's key components? 
  or does the hydrogen somehow get back in to the mix?
  The way humans mess around with mother nature sometimes just assuming everything everything
  will be fine,or doesn't care, or doesn't realize the potential global consequences.
  Like that great line in the movie Jerassic Park it goes something like...
  "they tried so hard seeing if they could,they didn't stop to see if they should"

Paiul I think you're missing the point; or is it points?
1) If it was viable you'd end up with water 'fresh' as the waste. Maybe some 
metals deposited on electrodes too.
2) It's not new technology; look on some of the water forae on Yahoo and 
you'll find people who've been trying to repeat Meyer's experiments for 
years. Look up Meyer on You tube for several videos re his patents.
Water has a lower energy potential to the required gasses O and H which is 
why it is the 'waste product' of many reactions involving compounds of O and 
3) If parallel resonance and it's associated high voltage could tear apart 
water or actually electrolyte; using less energy than that from recombining; 
then it would surely also work for other compounds?

It's a bit like that mysterious 'Brown's gas' :o)

>From: paul lew 
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>Subject: Re: [Vwdiesel] negative aspects of burning water
>Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 13:16:20 -0700 (PDT)
>It looks like it has excellent possibilities, but I'm hesitant eccepting a 
>technology that
> consumes the most precious resource on the planet, sure the ocean is 
>full, but considering
> how much the world consumes energywise, we used to think some of our 
>other resources
> would never run out.
> Also, there wouldn't be anything to stop people using (wasting) 
>freshwater, and adding
> salt like he said did for the experiment, he said he didn't actually use 
>ocean water.
> And if we used waste water ,then we're still adding polutants to the 
> Paul

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