[Vwdiesel] brakes locking up PROGRESS

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 19 19:28:59 PDT 2007

For starters, where are you? I'm sure I have one laying around I can send 

As for the manual setup, you will want to change the pivot point. Basically, 
change the length of your lever arm. The reason is, a master cylinder setup 
for power brakes has quicker application, but more resistance. Of course, 
with a properly working booster, this becomes a non-issue. A manual master 
cylinder has longer travel, but is therefore easier to push. This is 
accomplished with smaller cylinder bores internal to the master cylinder.

So, you can use yours, but you will want to move the pivot point upward on 
the brake pedal. This will effectively give you a softer pedal, but with 
longer travel. It may take a couple of holes in the pedal arm and 
experimentation to find the spot you like.

Hope this helps,
Tony Hoffman

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 New plan
> is to remove the booster and simply going with manual brakes....new brake
> MC attached to firewall where booster bolted on.
> That's the plan. All comments appreciated. If it isn't a good plan, please
> set me straight.
> If anybody has a Jetta or Rabbit car with un-boosted brakes, tell be how
> hard you have to push on the pedal to get it stopped. Maybe I better spend
> the couple hundred and get a new booster.
> This old diesel is such a fine car that I would regret having to let it 
> go.
> Doyt Echelberger 

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