[Vwdiesel] More Dasher?

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Wed Sep 26 01:01:35 PDT 2007

After finally reinstalling the throttle cable which now works OK, I notice a couple of broken strands near the injector pump. They are broken near where the woven cable enters the cable cover. Looked at the throttle cable on my '80 parts Dasher diesel & it looks fine. However, in view of the effort to install the cable, I wonder if I should get a new one & also wonder about their availability. 
Also, the mechanism inside the dash that controls the air conditioning is faulty in that when you turn the A/C on, no 12 V goes to the A/C compressor clutch. I took the Dasher to the A/C mechanic I know who recharged the A/C & said it should work if I get a new A/C switch. Any ideas where to buy them? Was the factory A/C made in Germany or was it American made & either installed by the factory in the USA or was it dealer installed? If its a USA A/C I might be able to source the part thru our NAPA Auto Parts house. I was able to do this on my 1972 Citroen as the A/C was made in the USA by Coolaire.

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