[Vwdiesel] What are the various model designations?

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Yes, very close, Loren.

He is correct on the A1, A2, and A3. The A3 was a mid model 1999 split. 
That's when the A4 came in, and the A5 started in 2005. None of the "A" cars 
are related to the "A" Audi's, though. That was an asumption some people 
made since Audi made an A4 starting in 1996 and VW had the A4 chassis 
starting in 1999. Some people call these MK cars, as in MK1 (Rabbit), MK2 
(85-92 Golf/ Jetta). This was used mostly in the earlier years, though.

The dashers were B1's, from 1974, maybe 73, through 1981. The Audi Fox was 
also a very closely related B1 car. It was made from 1973-1979. The B2's are 
the Audi 4000 and VW Quantum. VW went to the B3 chassis in 1990 in the US, 
with a 16V 2.0 gasser. That was through 1992, when they also added the VR6 
to the lineup. However, at this point, it was no longer related to the 
Audi's. They did, and still do always use a longitudinal engine mount 
(except for the VW based TT and A3). However, with the B5, VW went back to 
the Audi longitudinal engine, and it's based on a stretched A4 (Audi) 
platform. Confused yet?

Audi A4, A6, A8 are not necessarily the engine designations. A4's are 
available with 4's, V6's and V'8's. A6's are available with V6's and V8's, 
and the current sport models have V10's. A8's are mostly V8's although the 
newest sport models also have V10's.

So, William, you have two B1's, and two A1's.
Hope this helps more than confuses,
Tony Hoffman

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>> I keep seeing references to various VW model designations such as A-1, 
>> A-2,
>> B-4, etc. I own a 1981 Dasher, 1980 Dasher, (both wagons) &two '81 
>> Rabbits
>> (both 4 door hatchbacks), all diesels. What are their model designations 
>> &what
>> are the other model designations? Apparently Rabbit's, Golf's, Dasher's,
>> Quantum's, Jetta's, Passet's, have their own alpha-numeric designation. 
>> If I
>> have this question, perhaps others do as well.
>  Rabbit and Jetta are "A" bodies.  Just a factory "platform"
> designation like early 70's or so Chryslers (?).  B body is the
> Passat and Quantum(???)  Not sure about the rest.  B4 is 95
> through 97.  A1 is 75 through 84.  A2 is 85 through 92(?)  I'd
> have to look where A3 ended, about 99 I think but then you
> get the Audi A4,A6 and A8 which are engine designations on
> the body designation but the Jettas started using the previous
> Audi platform about 02 or 03 I think.
>  Not a lot of help I know.  ;-)
>     Loren

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