[Vwdiesel] Rear shocks 91 ECO Jetta

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Wed Apr 2 20:26:26 PDT 2008

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petersenrudy at hotmail.com writes:

> put Gabriel Gas Shocks on my 84 Jetta and like them very much.  I've used
> Bilstein and they are very stiff, road like a truck.  Rear are still kind of
> a pain but nothing like the Fronts.  Have a couple small bottle jacks handy
> and it's not too bad.

 I think they make a couple stiffnesses.  Dad put Bilsteins on his 
Passat and they're ever so slightly more harsh than the originals 
that had 130K on them.  For it the pricing wasn't much different.
  I've done Co-Fap shocks, KYB and Boge on Rabbits, two of them 
on mine.  No real difference other than the Boge required a lathe 
to make a cap fit.  KYB have lifetime guarantees I believe.  I went 
for the Boge hoping for longer life.  No real difference over the 
inexpensive Co-Faps, which were nice.

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