[Vwdiesel] Headlight mystery problem?

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Sat Apr 5 20:53:55 PDT 2008

This just occurred with my 2001 Ford Focus but this issue may apply to most vehicles made for the USA market for the 1986 & newer model year including VWs. What happened was that the low beams on my Focus' halogen headlights burned out at the SAME time. Now these are the OEM bulbs in the car since new, as I am the original owner. Since the car now has 108,000 miles on it, I can't complain, but for both low beams to fail at the same time, in almost 60 years of driving experience. I suspected a short, blown fuse, poor ground, failed relay, etc., any thing but failed bulbs, but everything checked out OK. In checking both bulbs after removal, both low beams had failed. Just before failure, the headlights on warning came on when I opened the door despite having turned them off & having removed the key from the ignition switch. Now, everything works properly. Any idea as to why failure at the same time, or is this just a modern example of "The One Horse Shay"?

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