[Vwdiesel] Headlight mystery problem?

William Longyard longyard at ix.netcom.com
Sat Apr 5 21:04:04 PDT 2008

Just a guess: Both bulbs were nearing their ends, and when the weakest 
failed, it cause a brief power surge which killed the other.

Bill Longyard

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> This just occurred with my 2001 Ford Focus but this issue may apply to 
> most vehicles made for the USA market for the 1986 & newer model year 
> including VWs. What happened was that the low beams on my Focus' halogen 
> headlights burned out at the SAME time. Now these are the OEM bulbs in the 
> car since new, as I am the original owner. Since the car now has 108,000 
> miles on it, I can't complain, but for both low beams to fail at the same 
> time, in almost 60 years of driving experience. I suspected a short, blown 
> fuse, poor ground, failed relay, etc., any thing but failed bulbs, but 
> everything checked out OK. In checking both bulbs after removal, both low 
> beams had failed. Just before failure, the headlights on warning came on 
> when I opened the door despite having turned them off & having removed the 
> key from the ignition switch. Now, everything works properly. Any idea as 
> to why failure at the same time, or is this just a modern example of "The 
> One Horse Shay"?
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