[Vwdiesel] Headlight mystery problem?

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Sun Apr 6 01:48:39 PDT 2008

Mark Shephard gave an interesting clue as to what might be happening. The battery recently died previously had a large build up of corrosion around the negative post. A new battery was installed less than a month ago, but today, when replacing the headlite bulbs, I noticed some corrosion build up on the negative terminal. Therefore, tomorrow, I will get my volt meter out & check for voltage. I also have noticed some strange noises in the radio when tuned to a weak station. When the turn signals are activated or when I step on the brakes, the radio picks up some interference. At 108,000 miles, maybe the alternator is getting ready to die. However my 1996 Escort which my stepdaughter is driving, with about 125,000 is still going strong. I also frequently drive with my headlites on during the day for safety reasons. Maybe this has added to wear on the alternator.

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