[Vwdiesel] Noisy Speedo update

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Sun Apr 6 20:03:45 PDT 2008

Dave Cook wrote:
> So I still have the intermittantly noisy speedometer. 
> I have some more observations that may help in
> diagnosis.  It had been quiet for some time, but this
> morning squealed on the way to church.  (But not on
> the way home.)
> First, it was suggested that a bad motormount could
> cause a pinched cable.  Well, I did have a bad front
> mount, but that was replaced this week.
> When it was doing it this morning, I had the cruise
> set.  When the squaling happened, I could feel the
> cruise blip briefly but then hold the speed.  However,
> the needle would flutter reading about 10 mph higher
> than I was actually driving.  As soon as the squealing
> stopped the needle dropped right back to the actual
> speed.
> Unfortunately, the squealing is really
> intermittant--it very well could go several days or
> weeks again so I can't test by just unplugging the
> cable from the speedometer.
> However, because the cruise held the car's speed
> correcly even though the needle read high, I think it
> is probably an issue in the speedometer itself.  The
> cruise control takes the speed reading off the back of
> the speedometer.
> Is there something in there that could be lubed? 
> Something loose that could be tightened?  (I'm
> thinking something kind of like the odometer gear that
> needs to be superglued sometimes when it comes loose.)

For the cable, get some cable lube from a motorcycle ship.  If the odometer gear is 
slipping, fix it:



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