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> Regarding the yellow dot question: what number(s)
> identify a yellow dot pump - 107A? Are all 1.5 pumps
> yellow dot? 
> Thanks, David

  The part number on the side of the pump.  There's the VW 
number: 068-130-107 A
The Bosch number:  0-460-494-005    
Not sure of what other numbers are stamped there.
 Most all of the 1.5, 1.6 pumps will be 068 (diesel) 130 (fuel system group) 
then the final number.  SImilarly on the Bosch number.  It's the last 3 
that change.  Any more or other letters after a 107 Pump is not a yellow dot 
ie:  107AG is not.
  Most 1.5 pumps time at .88mm and can be upped to .95 I believe it is, if 
the car won't accelerate from 40 to 60 in like a day and a half or something. 
( There's a real number but I don't feel like looking it up right now)  :-)  
rest are yllow dot pumps AFIK.  I don't think any 1.0 mm timed pumps
were ever original on a 1.5.  With the passage of time though, unless you 
KNOW the car's original, there's no telling what pump or engine combination
it may have.  
  If anybody has assuradely original pumps, I'd like to add them to my list
of pump numbers, application, and timing settings.

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