[Vwdiesel] Yellow dot numbers

Robert M. Rankin robertmrankin at comcast.net
Tue Apr 8 17:56:42 PDT 2008

Loren wrote
<<If anybody has assuradely original pumps, I'd like to add them to my list
of pump numbers, application, and timing settings.>>

Hi Loren<
I've got a 1.5 in a 40 foot sailboat I've owned since new.  I believe it's a
1979 motor as the boat was built in mid 1980.  The Marinizer was Pathfinder.
Its been a great motor.  I have re-timed the pump based on my 1979 Bentley
so I don't know what the original timing was from the factory, but its prop
limited to 4000 rpm.  All I've done in the 3000+ hours is filters,
injectors, timing belt, and adjust the valves; and add a boost pump from the
tank.  My filter is a bit I the way of reading the numbers but here is what
I think they say...the last few numbers are the easiest to read...

Cast in to the pump are
The VW number 068-130-107L
The Bosch number 0-460-494-028

There is also this number below the bosch and above the vw number

Also, stamped into the pump below and to the right of the cast numbers is

Bob Rankin, Ferndale, WA

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