[Vwdiesel] Help me out, folks... 1.5D into '88 Fox

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Hi Kurt;
    I have an 89 Fox wagon with air but it is a gasser. The only Dasher I
have ever had with air was also a gasser. I just don't see where you are
going to mount both the alternator and the compressor since you will have a
diesel injection pump where you would mount one or the other. Perhaps mount
the alternator above the injection pump and bubble the hood???
Brian Decker
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> I have the engine, I have the Fox, I have alternators and waterpumps and
> compressors that I need to make work.
> I live in the Southeast, so Summer is fast approaching, where
> temperatures will soar up into the upper nineties and lower hundreds on
> a regular basis, with the humidity to match. AC is almost a necessity; I
> can get by without it, but it will certainly make me surly and a nasty
> SOB to deal with at work (I drive a bus).
> With the Fox being longitudinal (ala Quantum and Dasher) I need to find
> an appropriate mounting solution for both the AC compressor and the
> alternator. The Quantum AC bracket is a York instead of a Sankyo rotary
> type unit like the Fox, so that won't work... I have the Dasher
> brackets, but it looks like the front mount is integral with the bracket
> and I'm wondering if that would put it in the wrong place for the Fox.
> Cut it off and use the Fox mount?
> I appeal to the greater knowledge of this forum for help my time of
> troubles.
> -Kurt
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