[Vwdiesel] Difficulty to replace a clutch

Dave Cook davevw at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 11 07:03:56 PDT 2008

Good point.  I don't know if Bentley mentions this or not (I honestly don't remember if I even looked at Bentley when replacing the clutch in my Rabbits).  At least one clutch kit I purchased, likely from germanautoparts.com, came with a plastic alignment tool.  

It sure seems to me that I have installed at least one without using an alignment tool, probably because I couldn't find it.  But I wouldn't recommend trying unless it was a last option.  Maybe it worked because the clutch mechanism is kind of "inside out" on the Rabbits.


William J Toensing <toensing at wildblue.net> wrote: Those of us who have replaced a clutch before know the need to center the clutch with a pilot shaft when installing the pressure plate but one doing this for the first time may have problems, if unaware of this. Don't know if the Bentley mentons this as it may asume anyone doing this knows this. This is a problem with many manuals in that they assume the "mechanic" knows this, & causes new shade tree mechanics problems.
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