[Vwdiesel] injector pump shutoff solenoid wiring

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Thu Apr 24 18:25:00 PDT 2008

At 03:16 PM 24/04/2008 -0700, you wrote:
>I've determined the wiring to the shutoff solenoid on the injection pump of
my '94 Jetta TD is not working.  I can start the car using a jumper from the
>  Anyone know where the solenoid gets its power from?  I know the ignition
switch is supposed to supply 12 volts to the solenoid, but through what

Probably that damned engine harness plug that makes it simple for  the
mecicans to assemble the car. Just above the starter.  also, tug slightly on
the wire and see if it stretches at either end. Several wires in the engine
room of mt 94 have had the copper core turn to green dust due to salt corrosion.

Notably, a couple of taped-up joints down by the fan that stopped it from
working. And, I took the glow plug feed directly from the fuse to the plugs,
bypassing the harness plug all together. Eventually I will eliminate that
plug entirely with direct connections to everything.

>  Can I safely run the car with the solenoid jumpered directly to the battery?

Yes...I carry a "hot wire" for both the slenoid and the glow plugs (heavier)
in the trunk. Lost the glow plugs 300 miles from home once, used the booster
cables to power them while wife  started the engine. The starter can be
actuated by a screwdriver from the battery terminal on the solenoid, to the
push-on conector red  medium sized wire on the solenoid.

Since you live in a salt belt, prepare to lose the cable from the solenoid
to the starter motor any time now. Mine disolved 4 years ago.  Also repairable..

Will send starter info under separate cover.


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