[Vwdiesel] 1.9 td aaz update

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Thu Aug 7 09:04:53 PDT 2008

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jhsg at sasktel.net writes:

> Also, I only put water in for
> >the test run just in case I did need to pull it all apart again.
> >Would that also make it run hotter? 
> No, it will make it run cooler.
> Water carries more heat than glycol.  Yes, I know glycol boils at a 
> higher temperature, but for cooling, water carrys away more heat given 
> similar pumped volume.

  Kinda depends on the thermostat from my experience. If you 
run the hotter stats, you need tha ani-boil characteristics of 
anti-freeze or it seems to boil enough, here and there, to make 
a bubble against the thermostat and it won't open.  Cost me 
a head gasket.  :-(  Changed to a cooler stat after that too.
  Compare the temp with when the fan kicks in since it's working, 
also check the actual temp of the coolant coming back to the 
reservoir.  Use a point and shoot, candy thermometer, whatever.
It may be the gauge/sender combination or it may actually be 
hot.  You can't tell which with the stock gauge.
  EGT on 300F is usually either soot on the probe, something bad 
or a bad connection.  These are all self contained aren't they?  So 
going to zero with the key off would be a sign something's not 
right actually.  My Isspro's only have the wires from the sender 
to the gauge.  No external power applied.

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