[Vwdiesel] water pump & 1.9 aaz

travis gottschalk tgott at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 7 11:37:25 PDT 2008

With the water pump. I had that happen to me. The mounts are just pressed on so you can just press the pulley mounts off the shafts and swap. Worked for me with a hammer, punch and bench vice. As far as the engine. I will do more investigation to see if there is air in the system. I wouldn't think the thermostat would have an air bubble on it to prevent opening since the fan switch kicked on and the only way that would be is if there was flow in the radiator. I will look. I might just put a cooler thermostat in and just watch the temp. It was a good sized hill I climbed to get it that hot. But it was warmer then my truck is in town also. I will give an update if I find the issue.
Travis G
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