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I received this from "Just Auto", an on line auto newsletter out of the UK 
you can subscribe to on a free or very costly basis. Thought some of you 
might be interested in the new Golf info.
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  => EDITORIAL =============================================

  We caught a glimpse of the new - generation six - Volkswagen
  Golf last week and it clearly follows the well-trodden VW
  Golf 'evolutionary' path in terms of its external design.
  Much about what's interesting with this car is under the
  skin. It sounds like it will be packed with innovation and,
  presumably, a lower cost/price than the outgoing model.

  It will be interesting to see how the model performs in a
  segment in which the bar has most certainly been raised over
  the last five years.

  I wonder if the next Golf has grown bigger though? That's
  one of the things that continually amazes me in this
  industry - that cars keep on getting bigger and heavier. It
  seems that with each generational change, the designers
  cannot resist a few dimensional 'improvements' to underline
  the new car's superiority over what it replaces. A Golf Mk 1
  is a very, very different car in terms of size to the
  current one. So's the Mk 3 come to think of it.

  And then there's the added weight associated with all the
  regulatory and market pressures to pack even more in to the
  new car.

  I am sure the new Golf will be impressive on many levels.
  But how much bigger and heavier will it be than the one it

  Does it matter if it's heavier and bigger than its
  predecessor? In a sense, perhaps it doesn't. Anyone who
  feels it's become too big can downsize to the Polo and maybe
  the bigger size plays well into the mid-sized family car
  area in which many owners of larger cars will be looking to
  downsize over the next couple of years - the larger
  C-segment cars perhaps hitting a new sweet spot where
  D-segment once ruled.

  But isn't it a little odd that cars are apparently putting
  on weight in these energy cost and CO2 conscious times?

  GERMANY: Volkswagen 'officially' unveils sixth generation
  Golf: http://www.just-auto.com/article.aspx?id=95620

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  => HOT TOPIC =============================================

  <<US: GM posts $15.5bn second quarter loss>>
  General Motors has reported a net loss of US$15.5bn or
  $27.33 per share for the second quarter, including
  "significant charges and special items", compared with net
  income of $784m ($1.37 per share) a year ago.

  http://www.just-auto.com/article.aspx?id=95589&lk=dm [O]

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  Counterfeit car parts in the global auto industry

  The global market for counterfeit vehicle parts has grown
  exponentially over the last five years to be worth US$16bn
  worldwide and is growing at an estimated 9-11% a year, as
  organised crime shifts into counterfeiting over other forms
  of revenue. With counterfeiters becoming increasingly
  sophisticated, in not only production but also in marketing
  (monitoring regional car markets to fill supply gaps), car
  and other vehicle manufacturers and the authorities are
  struggling to identify counterfeits and curb the problem in
  the face of such an onslaught. just-auto reports from a
  gateway market for these parts - the Middle East; a prime
  secondary market - North America; and the source of the
  problem - China.


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