[Vwdiesel] Anyone driven the '09 TDI yet? On tiptronics and such

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Sat Aug 23 22:37:33 PDT 2008

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> I totally agree with your statistics, however...
> What percent of the population bought a slushbox only because that was 
> the only option available at that time? Not many folks custom order 
> cars, and just buy from dealer inventory.
> But I digress.. I hate autos as well and would much rather have a nice 5 
> or 6 speed manual any day.

  Well, if you consider that most of the population lives in cities 
and most of the cities have stop and go driving for the work 
commute and most people prefer an automatic (at least after 
a few years of it) for stop and go driving...  Most probably 
prefer an automatic even if it's by a default choice rather than 
a true, personal preference.  :-(

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