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also depends on what kind of WVO you use. Canola has the lowest gel point
from what I have read and peanut is higher along with the others. As to how
high I think it is around 36 to 40 degrees F. with canola being down at the
lower point.

I don't know much about diesel Heet or Siloo.  I do know that AMSOIL's Cold
Flow Improver,
Is compatible with biodiesel. I guess you would to find other diesel fuel
treatments and read up on them online. I would think if they worked with bio
that they would say right on the bottle like the Cold Flow Improver.


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I'm new at biodiesel but not new to diesels.  Yesterday, with a fellow
teacher we put our first batch of biodiesel in my '03 VW Jetta.  It purrrs
fine! (So does my billfold! )  Question 1: What temperature will the
biodiesel start to gell?  Question 2: What can we do about that?  Will
petro-based diesel additives like Siloo and Diesel Heet work?  Thanks for
any and all advice!
Best regards,
Tom Norris
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