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Tue Aug 26 18:50:57 PDT 2008

things is that if you have been using the right oil, and not pushing the
additive package past it's usable life with extended drain intervals, cam
wear should not be an issue.  The stupid chain drive balance shaft/oil pump
drive is another issue.  If you hear noise from the front of the engine,
time to stop.  I'm not too worried, I bought mine used with 40K kms on it,
as a VW certified used car, which means 2 more years warranty and additional
mileage covered.  My parents car has 140000km on it, and is still sounds

Next oil change, I'm going to glue some neodymium magnets to the oil filter
body exterior, to give me a visual of metal particulates... just in case.  I
do similar to the oil return path in the rocker arm area in my race motors,
and that REALLY pays off in that application as an early warning system, I
figure it can't hurt.  So far mine has been good, but since I do my own
wrenching anyway, once it's off warranty, I'll drive it till it blows.  It's
devalued a lot over these stupid design issues, so it most likely won't be
worth much shortly.  I know the trade value of Dad's is low, it's
depreciated almost 8K/year for him, and he shops around pretty good.

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> Subject: [Vwdiesel] Bad experience on TDI club
> You know sometimes people can be such a**holes.  I spent over 2 hours
> last weekend searching for information on the TDI club forums
> regarding the PD engine cam wear problem.  Unfortunately, all I kept
> finding were idiots arguing over who's fault the problem was and
> making statements based on opinion instead of facts and pushing one
> kind of oil over another or some kind of snake oil additive.  Out of
> desperation, I posted asking three questions:  What are the symptoms
> in a running engine?  What should I expect to see with the valve cover
> off?  and, What parts are necessary to fix the problem and who has
> them? I also posted that I didn't want to hear opinions on oil,
> workmanship or biodiesel, just the facts. 2 days and over 100 views
> later, nothing, not a single whisper of effort to help me.  So I
> posted a follow-up complaining about the lack of help.  Well the sh*t
> hit the fan.  I was accused of everything south of being a Nazi.  How
> dare I expect someone to help me after my nasty post.  How dare I
> expect any of the high and mighty to bend down and extend a hand.
> Certainly I should prostrate myself and ask forgiveness from the TDI
> gods on the list for my perfectly bad attitude before I should expect
> help.  Finally I was able to get some help so if any of you guys need
> information on the PD cam wear problem, I can send you the information
> that I have.  I guess I will simply remove TDI club from my preferred
> websites.   Seems to have been taken over by huge egos and ricer
> inspired power jockeys instead of the helpful place it used to be.
> There are literally thousands of posts arguing over oil types!!!!
> Can't stomach the infighting any longer.  Needless to say, I won't be
> recommending the TDI club anymore.  Thanks to all you guys on these
> lists that jump in immediately to help other folks out.  I hope I can
> be of help from time to time as needed.  I am no expert but I have
> played one in my garage and driveway from time to time!  ;^)
> Hayden
> BTW for any of you interested in Air Cooled VWs, you can follow the
> progress of my restoration of my 68 bug on my website listed below.
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