[Vwdiesel] first mileage on 04 Jetta

dieseltdi at verizon.net dieseltdi at verizon.net
Sun Feb 10 19:26:56 PST 2008

Well if all the tanks go like this first one, I will be very satisfied  
with my "new" Jetta.  First tank got 44.4 mpg (528 miles/11.9  
gallons).  About 1/3 of that mileage was on the highway at 70+ mph and  
the rest in short stints on the highway or in traffic back and forth  
to work.  I also added my first 5 gallons of home brew biodiesel to  
the car (about B35) and will see how it runs.  It is my intention to  
run it almost entirely on my home brew like I did my 98.  Anyone on  
list have any long term experience running your PD on biodiesel?  I  
have also decided to upgrade the filter to the Cat 2 micron setup to  
make sure it is getting only the highest quality fuel.  I already  
filter the fuel twice before it goes in the car but a 2 micron filter  
would be an extra added Plus.  Hsyden

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