[Vwdiesel] M Benz 300D ?

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Sat Feb 16 06:54:12 PST 2008

At 01:11 AM 16/02/2008 -0800, you wrote:
>Here in Grass Valley/Nevada City, CA, our local radio station runs a "swap
shop' in the afternoon where listeners can call in with things for sale.
>One listener called in with a 1985 M Benz 300 STD with a turbo that needs

Not turbo related, but diesel related. 

Mercedes engines have a better pre-combustion chamber design for burning
veggie oil than volkswagen. In addition to the glow plug, they have a
separate "glow ball" suspended in the spray pattern, that gets red hot and
ensures a good light-up when running.

The Mercedes pre-chamber can also be removed without taking the head off.

Volks uses its glow plug for both functions, providing a hot tip, unpowered,
during running, for sustained efficient combustion.


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