[Vwdiesel] M Benz 300D ?

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Hi William;
	Unless you are planning on converting it to a two tank WVO runner I
would stay away from it. I would expect at 300,000 miles it probably has a
lot more issues than the turbo. If it didn't why doesn't the owner just
throw on a used turbo and sell it to someone wanting to do WVO? Your Dasher
diesel will get probably at least 10 more miles per gallon and cost lots
less to fix than the Mercedes. Older luxury cars are cheap because it
becomes impractical for most people to keep them running. You can buy the
cars cheap but the parts are still luxury priced.
Brian Decker
1981 Dasher diesel station wagon 5spd
1981 Rabbit pickup gas 120+ hp ( enough to dust a 16 valve Passat ) 1980
Rabbit diesel 4dr
1981 Rabbit pickup diesel soon to have it's new 1.5 turbo engine with

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Here in Grass Valley/Nevada City, CA, our local radio station runs a "swap
shop' in the afternoon where listeners can call in with things for sale.
One listener called in with a 1985 M Benz 300 STD with a turbo that needs
replacement. Said car had 300,000 miles. No price listed, only best offer. I
have not called the party or looked at the car. Just wondering what the
price of a new or rebuild turbo would be? How much work would be involved
for a DIY shade tree mechanic to replace the turbo? Would it be cheaper, &
practical to find a non turbo exhaust manifold & install? No price was
listed, only best offer,  but wondering whether to offer $200 or even take
it for free, which sometimes happens? It's not a VW but I know some of you
know about Mercedes diesels too.
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