[Vwdiesel] TDI electrical weirdness--hopefully the end of the matter

S. Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Mon Feb 25 23:04:47 PST 2008

Got the TDI running tonight.  A recap: original ignition switch died.  
Replaced it, and now, 18,000 miles later, I replaced it again.  I 
received the new swich (#3) tonight.  Installed it and the car fired 
up.  Problem is, the part of the switch that tells the car the key is in 
the ignition was not manufactured correctly and it didn't know that the 
key was still in the ignition when you turned it all the way to "off".  
The radio would turn off and the door chime wouldn't sound if the door 
was open.  So, I disassembled the original switch, cleaned the contacts, 
re-installed it, and everything appears to be groovy.  Wish I'd thought 
of that about a week ago :(   Would have saved me from driving a GM 
car.  I loathe automatics. 

The new switch is from a source that advertises "OEM" parts, but it was 
noticeably cheaper made and just didn't have the same dimensions nor the 
four interlocked rings.  There was at least a 1/16" difference in the 
depth that the key blade would have to contact the switch to activate 
it.  I'll have to discuss this with them tomorrow......

The question was asked: this will not have been a key-weight related 
issue.  It was in the electrical part of the switch and I only have that 
one key sticking out of the ignition.  It's entirely possible that a 
pound of keys could cause problems, particularly with the extra wires in 
the newer switches.  I just tonight noticed the immobilizer coil located 
in the lock cylinder :(


-00 Jetta TDI, running
-85 Jetta TD, next in the que.
-08 Chevy Cobalt rental, back at the agency.

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