[Vwdiesel] 1.6 NA head gasket

Val Christian val at mongo.mongobird.com
Thu Feb 28 16:43:36 PST 2008

OK, I have several questions...

Have you checked the coolant at the overflow bottle, for combustion 

Thermostats fail.  They also fall apart, which can block the water pump.

Have you compression checked the engine?

Have you considered a leak-down test (when you have things off for the 
compression test.

You should read Bentley about the piston protrusion measurement for
determining the headgasket.  Then factor in what your machinist told
you about the head.

Head gasket failures, that I've seen, when the gasket was replaced
recently tend to be:
	-failures within the head
	-failures in putting the gasket on
	-failures in torquing / retorquing (I've done HGs without 

Ask away, there are many of us with HG experiences to share (grin)

> Last Spring, I replaced the head gasket. I couldn't tell what thickness was
> there before, so I put a 3 notch gasket on it. I also had the head
> flattened. I believe the machinist told me that he took off 0.005 at the
> high spots. I am 99% sure the head gasket is leaking although I'm not seeing
> any indication of soot in the coolant. The coolant expels out of the
> reservoir and the engine runs hot, close to red line. I've also checked the
> thermostat and the small hose from the radiator to the reservoir and it is
> not blocked. 
> If I measure the piston protrusion and it calls for a 2 notch gasket (or
> even a 1 notch), will I be OK with the gasket called for based on the head
> being milled previously and still not have to worry about valves touching
> pistons?
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