[Vwdiesel] buzzing

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Fri Feb 29 13:15:33 PST 2008

At 11:15 AM 29/02/2008 -0800, you wrote:
>I have a vibration (buzzing) at a certain low rpm, I hear or feel it in
>every gear as I accelerate up thru the gears.  I just changed the timing
>belt and tensioned.  It did it before I changed belts and is much less
>pronounced now, also changed all 4 Motor Mounts along with the belt.
>I've read/heard that if the timing belt is too loose or tight it'll do this
>but can't remember which, (loose or tight)
>Anybody have any thoughts or experiences with this they could share?  Thank.

Too tight it sings, (Whines) not buzz.

Too loose, it slaps the inside of the TB cover and can sound like a buzz.
Make sure the TB cover is properly seated in the lower half.

The belt should be just tight enough to make it almost, but not quite,
impossible to slide back and forth on the pump sprocket, not more than 1/8"
each way, with 2 strong thumbs.

Hillbilly tuning


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