[Vwdiesel] injector to head leak

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Fri Jan 4 12:20:57 PST 2008

It's good stuff Chuck, just harder to work with... but it's cheap and 
you don't have to care about reusing it, just slit the ends with a razor 
to remove.  heat isn't really required, but just not cold- it does crack 
in the cold. (working outside in winter type cold)

Chuck Carnohan wrote:
>  Nick, That's right- air line is what I'm using and it is tough! I've
> been able to shove it on the barbs with pliers- no heat. Thanks for
> clearing this up!
> Chuck Carnohan
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> That's air line, pressure, not vacuum.
> Tougher than a pig's nose, resists everything, but not too great at
> bends and things.
> If you go to a supply house Sandy, ask for the stuff used on the
> geearshift- on the transmission airswitches (high low range, etc)  Main
> air line is 3/8 and 1/4"or so.
> It's pretty stiff, you'll have to heat the ends to get it on the hose
> barbs -james
> mikitka wrote:
>> It is the urethane fuel line that they run on the motocross bikes, I 
>> got the blue stuff and it has been on my main fuel line from the 
>> filter to the IP and then from the IP back to the filter for over two 
>> years and it is just like the day I put it on.  Great stuff. I paid 90
>> cents a foot for it at the local motorcycle shop. They do not have 
>> anything, at least mine shop didn't have anything small enough to go 
>> on the injectors. There I used tractor trailer air brake line which 
>> has been on for over three years now and about 40k miles.
>> Nick
>>  I did a bit of searching and I think that I'm using silicone vacuum 
>> hose. I don't know how long it will last but so far- so good with 
>> about
>> 3 months of service with dinodiesel not bio.... I think that I found 
>> out about it on the vwdieselparts forum. I've tried regular fuel line 
>> and vinyl tubing- vinyl but it was so floppy when hot and the last 
>> time I got some, it leaked. I like to use this thin wall stuff as 
>> regular rubber fuel lines won't go past the injector body on the
> nipple easily.
>> The fabric coated stuff is good (OEM style) of course but I don't have
>> a ready source for it where I live without paying through the nose! I 
>> have also read you can buy some really good fuel return line material 
>> at motorcycle shops (expensive but OK w/biodiesel).... I might have to
>> check that out next if this vacuum line fails. Others swear by it.
>> Chuck
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