[Vwdiesel] Are the axle Shaft assemblies different ?

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Sat Jan 5 10:08:23 PST 2008

Photo Bug wrote:
> Are the axle shafts on the Caddy diesel different from the axle shafts on the Rabbit diesel?  I replaced the left front wheel bearing, wheel still locks up.  I have another Caddy, starts hard in the winter, so I may use its axle shaft assembly on the right side, so I can have something to drive to school on Monday morning where I teach Math and talk a lot about the advantages of diesel powered vehicles in the spare moments.
> Thanks!
> Tom Norris

I think all the A1 chassis vehicles shared the same axle shafts.  Should all be 90mm 
flange ends and the smaller (90mm) outer CV joint.

Might be the front wheel bearing was damaged during installation.  If you don't take care 
with where the bearing is supported and pressed in it can get messed up.  Over torquing 
the nut should not hurt things.  I know of folks who race/autocross VWs that crank those 
front nuts on at well over 200 ft.lbs.



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