[Vwdiesel] Flying beetle

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sun Jan 6 17:04:05 PST 2008

S. Shourds wrote:
>> A local guy still has a Pietenpol single seater with a model T boat 
>> anchor pulling it along.
> I built a lot of Pietenpol wing ribs and a fuselage frame when I was 
> younger.  We were trying to get one together. As can happen on big 
> projects like that, life got in the way.  I always wondered, though, 
> that if it could be made to run on a Model A engine, it's entirely 
> possible that it could run on an A1 Diesel.  Maybe something with a 
> turbo to tune it to a lower RPM range....
Sure it could Shalyn.
The 1.6td would be great, but still easier to gear the prop and run it 
at 2800rpm.  Same power can be pulled out of a Lupo 3 cylinder tdi as a 
1.6 td, and less weight.  The Lupo motors are getting to be  alot more 
available.  Now we just need money to be no object, and we're away.
No problem to stop welding up stock cars and build airframes out of 
tubing... I have the beginnings of a Honeybee ultralight airframe 
hanging from the quonset rafters I started on when I was a kid. Life and 
such got in the way...

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