[Vwdiesel] stalling, lack of power

peter blake pila47 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 10 12:15:56 PST 2008

  I don't think the plastic fitting or the o ring were replaced when
the filter was changed, I'll look there first.
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> > I've been having stalling problems w my 91 na.  It'll run fine and
> > then; nothing!  It's intermittent and seems to be less when fully
> > warmed up. I changed the filter a couple of days ago hoping that
> > would cure the problem. Any thots as to what to look for? Thanks
> > Peter
> > 
>   First question this time of year is what's the temperature 
> there?  If it's anywhere below freezing then look at the clear 
> line (amber colored by now) to the injector pump, while it's 
> running.  Look for bubbles.  When it stalls check if this line 
> is empty.  If you have a slightly loose hose clamp then it can 
> "freeze up" long before the fuel is really cold enough for a 
> typical freeze up.  The fuel gets thick enough that it pulls 
> more air through that connection than fuel.
>   Make sure the connection to the fuel shut-off solenoid is 
> tight.  It's un-fused so don't short it in the process!
>   Check your air filter???
>   Does your fuel filter have 2 hoses or 4 and the plastic thermo
> thingy?  Those thingys tend to leak air after a couple years 
> and incessantly after changing the filter but not replacing them 
> and the o-ring.  
>   Power to the solenoid and air in the fuel or a plugged fuel 
> line is about it except for an extremely plugged exhaust or air 
> filter.
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