[Vwdiesel] pedal bracket A2

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Wed Jan 16 07:57:04 PST 2008

Doesn't that have that automatic adjusting clutch cable Sandy?
If so, I wonder if the adjuster slipped, and there is too much cable, 
and not enough clutch...  Adjuster is a tube thing about foot and a bit 
from the transmission end.  It's basically some grabbers that take up 
slack on a serrated piece, and if they cease to be grabbers, they go 
back to full slack, or to the nearest grabbers some distance away.  Ask 
him if lately he pushed on the clutch pedal and it boonked to the floor 
without releasing the clutch.
Spline really seees little movement that could be enough to hang up a 
clutch to that extent.

Sandy Cameron wrote:
> I think I have heard on this forum of problems with some VWs  (a1, A2?)
> where the bracket to which the clutch and brake pedals attach, breaks,
> bends, or gives away.
> Anyone remember?
> Have a friend 700 miles away who I coach thru problems with his 1990 A2,
> experiencng problems with disengagement.
> Clutch wont release completely  . Has to start it in gear, otherwise wont
> shift into 1st
> Car tries to leap forward when started in gear
> Cable was adjusted recently.
> Rust on the spline? any way to lube that without dropping tranny?
> Ideas?
> Sandy
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