[Vwdiesel] pedal bracket A2

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The early Golfs, 85 to ?? had a thich rubber spacer and a large washer on
the firewall to replace the bracket on the pedal cluster.  Works good, same
cable, just change adjustment a little.


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It is amazing to me how many times I hear of the clutch bracket breaking on
the Cabriolet forums, and how little I hear of it here.

Over there, a very common fix is to simply weld a very large washer to the
fire wall and essentially stop using the bracket.  The washer replaces it.

A small amount of digging in the Cabriolet forums on vwvortex.com should
yield more details, though there really isn't much more.


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> Sandy Cameron wrote:
> > I think I have heard on this forum of problems
> with some VWs  (a1, A2?)
> > where the bracket to which the clutch and brake
> pedals attach, breaks,
> > bends, or gives away.
> >
> > Anyone remember?
> >
> >   
> My A2 bracket died after 310,000 miles.  You can tell when it happens.
> It pops when you push the clutch, the brake pedal wanders around 
> everywhere, etc.  I'd honestly rather have the transmission go.  I 
> spend a solid day trying to get it out and another one trying to get 
> it back in after getting it welded up (in three places).
> That's a part that
> they had no idea would break.  Deserves the "No user serviceable parts 
> inside" sticker.  Scratched the living daylights out of my hands/arms.
> -Shalyn
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