[Vwdiesel] [TDI-conversion] Injector rebuilder service?

David Marshall mailinglist at fastforward.ca
Sun Jan 13 21:53:16 PST 2008

If they are new nozzles, I really wouldn't worry about a
rebuilder.   I have swapped nozzles on about four sets of
injectors and had them pop tested all all of them opened +-3% of each
other, so now I no longer get them pop tested.  VAG-COM will tell you
if there is any serious deviation between them so really if there is no
problem there and new nozzles - consider it a job done.


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On Sun, January 13, 2008 20:56, Matthew wrote:
> I
have a set of TDI injectors and new Sprint 520
> nozzles. I'd like
to have these injectors all cleaned,
> rebuilt, tested etc. Where
is a shop that does this
> service?  This seams a reasonable
option instead of
> new ones at ~375$ each!
> -matt
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