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They sell high efficiency solar panels (15 volts, and with added capacitors
you can build up a wicked charge)

One guy I know actually bought enough of them to cover the roof of his car

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> > I also heard of a new type of solar voltaic cell that is three times
> more
> > powerful than previous cells &can be applied to a roof like role on
> roofing.
> > It is www.nanosolar.com
> >
>  There ARE more efficient cells, NASA uses them, they cost much
> more than conventional cells and are working into the market from
> what I understood a couple years ago.  There are also flexi panels
> but the disadvantage was that they produce less power per area
> than conventional cells.  At the time I'd talked to a guy at Kyocera
> and he did say there were several new tecnologies out there but
> none were anywhere near marketable.  Most or all were still in
> experimental phase to the point there was no way they'd be out
> of the lab for several years at least.  They were also "sold out"
> of conventional panels!
>   Range of a battery would depend on the load exerted on it.  To
> recharge in that time would require welding cable size connections
> and produce a LOT of heat...  Conservation of energy stuff and
> all that...  afik
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