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Wed Jan 2 14:46:10 PST 2008

(focuses on converting vanagons to TDIs), the
aircooled vanagon trans is pretty compatible with the
TDI engine so it may well be true that a bay bus trans
would handle a TDI's power curve fairly well.  (Or at
least enough to be driveable to the point of putting
off a trans rebuild.)

Most of them change the gearing on any other vanagon
trans, so you'd be better off just regearing your t2
trans if you did anything with it.

There is one guy working on a benz engine, but I would
agree with Loren that it would be more worthwhile to
just use a TDI.


--- LBaird119 at wrote:
>   I'm sure you could bolt/adapt a diesel Vanagon
> tranny in and 
> I think a TDI would then bolt to it.  There are
> likely adapters to 
> bolt a gas 4 banger VW into one so that should work.
> (I assume 
> the bolt pattern's the same as the gassers, 1.5, 1.6
> diesels.)
>   Don't think I'd EVER consider trying to put a MB
> engine in a 
> VW.  Weight will be much higher and output is much
> more 
> sluggish.  At best performance would likely be about
> like an 
> NA diesel in a Vanagon or a 40hp or so air cooled
> but with 
> poor handling due to the weight.
>      Loren
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