[Vwdiesel] Help - Need Timing Belt Cover

Erik Lane eriklane at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 15:53:30 PST 2008

I would advise rebuilding the injectors all at once - either do them all or
none of them. They all have the same miles on them and if it's time for one
the others probably won't be far behind. You already have them off the car,
so you might as well. (At least that's my opinion.)

I don't have any spare timing belt covers, but if I had something like that
happen I would just try gluing them back together with epoxy or silicone or
some other good sealant/glue. All it has to do is keep the rocks and such
from getting in there and damaging the belt or getting in between the belt
and a sprocket and throwing it off time... Doesn't have to be super strong
or absolutely waterproof.


On Jan 26, 2008 3:38 PM, <RF72050 at aol.com> wrote:

> Fellow Vdubers,
>    I decided I'd better give my 1985 Jetta 1.6TD some  much needed
> repairs.
> It amazes me how little attention this vehicle  has demanded over the
> years.
> Anyway, I have a long list of things I  have begun to repair as follows:
> 1. Odometer hasn't worked for years - be fixing it soon.
> 2. New rear brake shoes - installed them.
> 3. New rear wheel bearings and seals - installed them with the new  brake
> shoes.
> 4. New rear brake proportioning valve.  The original one leaked pretty
>  badly
> requiring brake fluid addition regularly - installed the new
>  proportioning
> valve and bled the brakes
> 5. New rear shocks.  The original ones are completely shot - the  rear of
> the
> car bounces up and down like a bobble head - new rear shocks arrived
> yesterday and I'll be installing them soon.
> 6. New water pump.  The water pump leaks just enough that you have to  top
> off the coolant every two weeks - had a new pump on the shelf - I'll be
> installing it shortly.
> 7. The engine has gotten harder to start - took the old glow  plugs out
> inspected and tested them - sure enough one was bad - have new ones on
>  the shelf -
> they are ready for installation.
> 8. I removed the injection lines, pump and injectors and am in the
>  process
> of testing the injectors.  I have new tips ready to rebuild the  injectors
> as
> needed.
> 9. The engine developed a exhaust leak a few months ago.  Everything
>  under
> the hood has a layer of soot from the exhaust leak.  The turbo shaft  was
> hard
> to turn - like maybe the center bearing is coked up or the turbine
>  housing is
> sooted.  It is very difficult to tell where it is coming  from.  But, I'll
> get to the bottom of it soon.
> 10. Now that I have the timing belt off I can see there is a very heavy
> layer of soot all over the front of the engine and I can see where the
> front
> crankshaft seal has been leaking oil.  The other seals (cam and
>  intermediate
> shaft) may also be leaking.  I'll know more once I get the  mess cleaned
> up.  I've
> got the new seals just in case.
> Which brings me to the reason for this post:  My timing belt  cover is
> shot -
> it appears to have been damaged in a previous mishap - probably  the
> previous
> owner had a belt break - anyway, both the upper half and the  lower half
> are
> hanging together by thin hairs of plastic.  Funny, I  didn't notice it
> until
> now.  The timing belt appears to be in good  shape.  But, I'll be
> replacing it
> along with the tensioner just for good  measure.  Anyone on this list have
> a
> spare timing belt cover I  can buy reasonably?
> Thanks - and best regards to all,
> Ray Folda
> 1vduber
> Medford, Oregon
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