[Vwdiesel] '80 Audi 5000S

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
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Yes, this is the manual you want. The Audifans WIKI is a good place to 
start, also the Quattro list wouldn't be a bad idea. A lot of us "Audi Guys" 
are over there. It's not just limited to Quattro cars or owners.

As for the TB, I like to replace it if it's at all in question. BTW, does 
your car have the one at the back as well to run the pump? Not sure what 
mocels/years all had that, but I know I've seen a few over the years.

As for the odo, does the odo itself never work, but the trip odo 
occasionally works? If that's the case, there are plastic hears that run the 
top (odo) off the bottome, and one is probably broke/cracked. As for the 
intermittent bottom, sometimes the actual gears that turn the #'s slip on 
the shaft. You can often get away with squeezing the shaft with pliers to 
put marks in, then put it back together. Unfortunately, I don't have pics of 
the ones I've done. Perhaps in the WIKI.

Tony Hoffman
Oklahoma City, OK

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> Hey guys,
> I'm back in the '80 Audi diesel, and was wondering if there are any 
> webpages
> with some good DIY tutorials related to the car.  Also, I found this book
> for $50: Audi 77-83 5000, 5000S Official factory shop service repair 
> manual
> for Audi by Robert Bently.
> Is that the one that I want?
> I'm especially curious about how to check for timing belt stretch and the
> recommended service interval for that.  I'm used to 123 Mercedes.
> And one more question,  the odometer doesn't work, and the tripometer 
> works
> on/off but tends to stick. Any advice on getting to that problem?
> thanks,
> Chris
> S.Seattle, Wa
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