[Vwdiesel] Moving up in the world.

dieseltdi at verizon.net dieseltdi at verizon.net
Wed Jan 30 17:28:51 PST 2008

Well after much calculating, fretting and pleading (with the wife for  
permission), I have made a huge leap into the 21st century with my  
personal car.  I sold my poor beat up 98 Jetta TDI (to a guy from  
California) and on Friday, I will pick up a 2004 Jetta GL TDI.  I  
probably paid too much but these cars are really popular and going for  
a premium on ebay, Craigs list and Autotrader.  So I snapped up a  
relatively low mileage (77000 as opposed to my 98 which has 170000)  
local car.  The hardest part was finding a 5 speed manual.  Virtually  
every local vehicle I could find was an auto and I didn't want one of  
those.  I was going to wait for the new Sport Wagen but my wife has  
decided to retire in June so our income is going to be cut in half  
(she is not old enough to actually draw retirement yet but 25 years is  
a long time to spend in the classroom!).  Anyway, just thought I pass  
along my good fortune getting a car actually made in this century.   
Now if I can just get my 82 Diesel Westy on the road I can go back and  
forth between two centuries!!!!!  ;^)  Hayden

" Those who are willing to sacrifice Liberty for Security, deserve  
neither Liberty nor Security."  Ben Franklin
"Dictatorships all have common factors:  a government controlled by  
one party, a leader who claims to have special powers outside the law  
to keep the country "safe", secret prisons where people are locked up  
without charges or trial and government opponents are branded as  
unpatriotic and charged with aiding the enemy."

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Proud owner of:
2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD (My newest diesel aqcuisition)
1998 Jetta TDI (Wetterauer Chipset, 2 1/2" exhaust, K&N Filter,  163K+  
miles, and running biodiesel)
1982 Vanagon Westfalia Diesel - "THE SLOTH"
And many, many, many VWs; from a 1946 Beetle (11 Beetles total), to  
Vans (5 - 3 splitties, 2 bay window), Rabbits (3), Karmen Ghia (1),  
Jettas (5), Passats (2), Dasher (1), New Beetle (1), and Rabbit  
Pickups (3) most now gone but not forgotten.

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