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>However, today, I had to add more water & then 
>pressure tested it up to 17# & no water leaked out. When it starts up, there is 
>no puff of white smoke indicative of a head gasket leak & the engine runs fine, 
>nice & quiet. It handles nicely & I consider this car a keeper. I hear some air 
>leaking from what appears to be from my pressure tester. The plastic container 
>where water is added was replaced with another as the old one was cracked & came 
>with the car.                                  

Sounds typical.  Overheat the car, head gasket starts going, water 
disappears, resrvoir overpressurizes, cracks, etc.
  I currently have two VW diesels with blown head gaskets.  Both run 
just fine, start well but lose coolant and blow bubbles out the small
return hose.  :-(                           


>The last owner said the car "overheated once for his wife". I 
>suspect he tried to correct the coolant loss problem, couldn't find it, & gave 
>up on the car. What is the best way of determining whether the head gasket is 
>allowing water to be sucked into the engine? Could the water pump leak when it 
>heats up but not leak with a pressure test? There is no signs of oil leaking 
>into the cooling system. I had that problem with some other diesels I have owned 
>so know the sign.
Oil in the coolant is only a sign of the oil seal (in the head gasket)
failure.  You rarely ever see water in the oil or water in the cylinders
even.  It'll creep in if let set long enough I suppose but I've actually 
yet to see it.  Air in the coolant return line, "mysterious" loss of 
coolant and overpressurized (as well as cracked) coolant reservoir, are 
the common signs of a blown gasket.

>Next: The clear coat is pealing off the hood & roof. Some of it I can chip away 
>with my finger. The dark blue paint under it appears good. Is there any way I 
>can remove the clear coat & salvage the paint under it?  

  Nope, Sorry. The only difference is the cost of a quart or two of paint.  
You shoot the color, wait a few and shoot the clear, unless you're going 
for "show" then you shoot the color, wait, #600, remask and clear.  You'll
have to #400 it all and blend in where the clear stops flaking and actually 

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