[Vwdiesel] something worth trading the A4 in for

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What's really funny about this whole conversation is, Who gives a fuck?


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What's funny about this whole conversation is nowhere does anyone mention
that HP is simply a calculation from torque. The formula for HP is torque
times RPM divided by 5252. So, they are directly related to each other.

A more accurate description of what this discussion is about is power curve
related to where the peak is in RPM's.

Tony Hoffman

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> Sorry, but HP is what moves the car.  Period.  Torque does you no good
> if you don't have some RPM to go with it, and at that point you are
> talking about HP (because HP is basically torque X RPM).
> Torque is only useful as a measurement of the specific output of the
> engine at a particular RPM.  Good for measuring efficiency, not
> particularly useful in determining how fast a car will accelerate.
> The more HP you have, the faster the car will accelerate.  Rapid
> acceleration is a simple matter of commanding the motor to the RPM which
> provides maximum HP and keeping it as close to that RPM as possible.
> Notice that I did not mention torque anywhere in that sentence.
> The advantage of a diesel is that it makes relatively high HP at low
> RPMs... so at low RPM you have an advantage with the diesel.  Great for
> towing.  At high RPM however the diesel loses it's advantage and high
> RPM is where the most horsepower is made.
> Consider two cars - one making 60lb/ft peak torque and 100 peak hp and
> the other making 100 lb/ft peak torque and 60 peak hp (with typical
> torque curves).  Which do you think will win a drag race?  I will bet
> every dime on the car making 100hp, and you should too, unless you want
> to lose your money.
> -David

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