[Vwdiesel] something worth trading the A4 in for

David Schwarze dschwarze at dfwair.net
Mon Jul 7 08:40:28 PDT 2008

Uh, yes the motore DOES put out more power at higher RPM.  Surely you
are not serious about that?

Hold RPM at 1500 and drop the clutch.  Now hold RPM at 4000 and drop
the clutch.  In which case does the car accelerate faster?

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> Take a flat torque "curve" and simply go to a higher rpm and the 
> hp will be more. The engine really doesn't put out more power. It 
> has more inertia. It IS called BRAKE hp. 
> It's mostly in the perspective you look at it or compare it. :-)
> Loren

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